• More than 20 years of industry exploration, creating a global brand


    Since the beginning of the milestone, Ruizhi Machinery marked our existence in 2003. Rising Packaging Machinery Factory was our predecessor. It started in 1995 and is one of the earliest independent research and development and production paper bag machine enterprises in China.We are committed to RD and manufacturing of environmentally friendly paper bag equipment, continue to introduce high-tech, continue to develop new products with better quality and higher efficiency in line with market dema

  • Symphony calls for ‘ordinary plastic ban’ in the UK


    Symphony Environmental Technologies has called on the government to ban ‘ordinary plastic’ for everyday plastic products, and legislate for the use of oxo-bio technology.

  • Plastic pollution: Morrisons to trial 20p paper bags


    Morrisons is introducing a reusable 20p paper bag as part of an eight-week trial in eight of its stores.The supermarket chain will also trial increasing the cost of its reusable plastic carrier bag to 15p, in a bid to reduce the plastic used by customers.Since the plastic bag charge was introduced, supermarket customers' bag use has reduced by more than 85%.Environment Secretary Michael Gove has set up a consultation on raising the cost of plastic bags in England.The Morrisons trial will tak

  • Why is McDonald's kraft paper bag not handled?


    It is believed that many people often find that the kraft paper bag containing food is not handled when eating at McDonald's, so why? In fact, McDonald's kraft paper bags are not all without handles. The larger bags used for carrying out are with handles.The outer paper bag should be a little thicker, and the handle also makes a virtual mouth on the paper bag. Just press the virtual mouth out and fold it in again, a handle will appear. But the calfskin paper bag that directly touches foo

  • The price is 2000 US dollars. What kind of kraft paper bag does it look like?


    Basha girls don't give up is a new column for you who love fashion and freshness. Here, Ms. Ba will test how much my girls know about the latest events in the fashion circle in the form of one question per issue. I believe that you will be brave to accept the challenge, will not admit defeat!Don't talk to each other. Now let's start!matters needing attention:① This test question is confidential. Candidates are not allowed to pass it out.② Click the bottom of the question, the answe

  • Mted-330d square bottom paper bag machine series punching portable handbag paper bag machine


    Mted-330d square bottom paper bag machine series punching portable handbag paper bag machine This machine is used for roll raw color paper or printing roll paper such as kraft paper, food paper and other paper rolls by the machine once complete the paper bag process.By automatic paper roll tension, coil correction, Paiqi bag positioning on the glue patch, center on glue, printing bag tracking. Raw materialinto into a barrel, Paiqi bag buckle hand hole, fixed long cut, bottom indentation, bottom

  • Your shopping bag may just be plastic in disguise


    This is because these non-woven bags are made using polypropylene fibres, a plastic variant and is non-biodegradable.

  • Quarantined cruise ship employee creates incredible outfits out of paper bags


    Australian dancerAshleigh Perriewas thrilled to start working on board the MS Zaandam. The cruise ship was due to travel through Antarctica -- past penguins and sea lions -- and onward to South America, while Perrie spent her days doing what she loved: performing.But in mid-March, the Covid-19 pandemic caught up with the Holland America vessel and the voyage took an unexpected turn.After a 60-day stint stuck at sea enduring multiple quarantines, ship-wide lockdowns and outbreaks of coronavirus s

  • High end shopping market in Egypt brings paper bag business opportunities


    With the strong recovery of Egyptian economy in recent years, after the baptism of the slump, the Egyptian Pound finally ushered in a period of appreciation. The Egyptian president put forward the slogan of building 20 new cities, and a nationwide infrastructure construction began. The real estate industry has ushered in unprecedented development, becoming the fastest-growing industry in Egypt. According to statistics, from 2017 to 2018, the total investment in the real estate industry reached 8

  • [International Pneumonia Letters] What is the latest progress of new pneumonia abroad 2020 Global epidemic latest news Infection


    New crown pneumonia is a highly contagious infectious disease. The earliest outbreak occurred in Wuhan, Hubei, but after China's powerful prevention and control measures, the epidemic situation has temporarily stabilized. However, foreign new crown virus pneumonia has begun to become an outbreak stage. What about the data? Let's take a look.On March 17, Beijing time, a daily epidemic report of the World Health Organization (WHO, WHO) shows that as of 10:00 am Central European Time (CET)

  • In the future, the market size of the packaging machinery industry will reach 222.6 billion yuan in 2020


    The development of the packaging machinery industry is healthy and fast. Its development speed is leading in the machinery industry. The development of the packaging machinery market is inseparable from technological progress and innovation. Because packaging is an important part of any industry, and it also plays an important role in consumer decision-making, no product can ignore packaging. Today's product packaging is no longer just for delivery, it is also a business card for businesses.

  • Official announcement: Interpack 2020 will be postponed


    important NoticeIn view of the current emergence of new types of coronaviruses in various regions around the world except China, in order to ensure the safety of each customer and audience participating in the exhibitions of the Düsseldorf Messe Group in Germany, a comprehensive assessment Our company has decided to postpone the interpack 2020 originally held in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 7th to 13th.In the process of making this decision, the interpack organizer team, after listening to sugg

  • What factors need to pay attention to when buying a qualified paper bag machine


    With the continuous development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the environment, so many companies pay attention to the development of environmentally friendly products, and they are increasingly demanding for making food paper bags. Intelligence is the future development of food paper bags. How to choose a qualified paper bag machine? What factors need attention? Let's solve it for you below.The machine is universal, mainly for the development of small and m

  • Introduction of paper bag machine equipment market potential and development direction


    Paper bag is a kind of container that people like to use in their daily life. It is healthy and environmentally friendly. The topic I want to talk with today is related to paper bags. Do you know what kind of machine is used to make paper bags? The answer is paper bag machine equipment. Let ’s introduce the market development potential of paper bag making equipment. The following is the introduction of the introduction of the market potential of paper bag machine equipment and the relevant dire

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