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More than 20 years of industry exploration, creating a global brand

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Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer

Since the beginning of the milestone, Ruizhi Machinery marked our existence in 2003. Rising Packaging Machinery Factory was our predecessor. It started in 1995 and is one of the earliest independent research and development and production paper bag machine enterprises in China.

We are committed to R&D and manufacturing of environmentally friendly paper bag equipment, continue to introduce high-tech, continue to develop new products with better quality and higher efficiency in line with market demand, and strictly implement ISO9001 quality system standards and CE safety certification.

So far, RUIZHI paper bag machines are sold to more than 20 provinces and cities in China and more than 60 countries in the world. Reiz adheres to the path of energy saving, environmental protection and independent innovation. Whether it is from mechanical design or product sales and services, we have been recognized by people.

RUIZHI paper bag machines


"Work hard for the development and production of human environmental protection equipment." Our efforts have not only greatly improved our presence in the domestic market, but also stand out in the international market. We hope to win the trust and confidence of customers through the best quality products and the most effective after-sales service. We are meticulous and make users impeccable, just for survival in a hundred years.

A faith creates a legend, an ingenuity creates a classic, a wholehearted persistence in leading the way, more than 20 years of industry exploration, the ingenuity, the original intention and the spirit have not changed.


Ruizhi’s efficient management team has clear management policies, which are important for shaping the company’s excellence through world-class innovative products, customer-centric, competitive prices, cost-effective products, timely delivery, and technical support Image plays a vital role. Timely after-sales service, less maintenance cost, etc. The main focus of our management is development, cooperation and modernization.

RUIZHI paper bag machines

No matter when, wherever, human beings have never changed the quality and quality. For more than 20 years, we have accurately measured every step of all our mileage, committed to technological innovation, product optimization, and independent, dedicated, and outstanding professional capabilities. The development of the forging paper bag machine industry has laid a solid foundation.

Scientific management system

With a scientific, civilized, and standardized management system, we will continuously optimize and improve the system so that enterprises and individuals can achieve and grow with each other. Implement quality, safety and high-efficiency management concepts in production, and comprehensively improve employee quality. Every employee of Reiz is not only a fine craftsman, but also a dream maker who pursues perfect quality.

As an international machinery manufacturing company, employee safety is the top priority of Ruizhi. Since the scientific and standardized management, the annual accident rate has been almost zero, which is what we are proud of.

Perfect after-sales service system

Provide customers with comprehensive and timely after-sales service, and do their best to serve customers. Whether it is from parts maintenance, replacement, or the installation and debugging of the entire machine, we will do our best to meet customer needs. Always keep in touch with customers, whether you are in China or abroad.

Perfect after-sales service system

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