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Why is McDonald's kraft paper bag not handled?

Time:2020-06-16     Author:Assi   Read

It is believed that many people often find that the kraft paper bag containing food is not handled when eating at McDonald's, so why? In fact, McDonald's kraft paper bags are not all without handles. The larger bags used for carrying out are with handles.

The outer paper bag should be a little thicker, and the handle also makes a virtual mouth on the paper bag. Just press the virtual mouth out and fold it in again, a handle will appear. But the calfskin paper bag that directly touches food has no handle. Why? The following are three reasons for the analysis of the small edition of China paper industry network:

Safety: because the small paper bag is very thin, it is easy to be disconnected due to the influence of gravity whether the handle is made after opening or pasted on the outside. How can I get it without a handle? Generally, the food in this small bag is put in the tray for everyone to eat. If it needs to be taken away, the waiter will fold it at the opening. If the crease is taken as the handle directly, the stress area will be wide and no fracture will occur.

Heat preservation: McDonald's food is hot food, so paper bags are required to have a certain degree of heat preservation. Folding the paper bags in half will form a relatively closed space, which is conducive to heat preservation. But a bag with a hand can't keep warm.

Cost: the so-called fast food is a kind of social name for fast food and full stomach. According to the current consumption situation of McDonald's, the demand for holding food for a long time is relatively small, so making a handbag will not only increase the cost, but also produce unnecessary waste.

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