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The price is 2000 US dollars. What kind of kraft paper bag does it look like?

Time:2020-06-16     Author:Assi   Read

"Basha girls don't give up" is a new column for you who love fashion and freshness. Here, Ms. Ba will test how much my girls know about the latest events in the fashion circle in the form of one question per issue. I believe that you will be brave to accept the challenge, will not admit defeat!

Don't talk to each other. Now let's start!

matters needing attention:

① This test question is confidential. Candidates are not allowed to pass it out.

② Click the bottom of the question, the answer will emerge slowly. Please proofread by yourself. If you make a wrong answer, please carefully read and analyze the content. Only when you really understand the reason of the wrong question can you practice a higher fashion acuity!

③ If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a message to sister Ba, who will answer them carefully.

In these days, Dover street market officially announced that the dream co branding package of comme des Gar ç ons x Gucci has come again!

This extended the last cooperation, not only retaining the highly recognizable red and green stripes of Gucci, combining the kraft paper bag with PVC, but also printing the kraft paper bag with flowers. Even the outer packing box is the same pattern.

Bajie wants to ask: do you know which brand has also launched kraft paper bags?

A. Moschino

C. Jil Sander

B. Céline

D. Simon Miller

Click the blank to see the answer



Jil sander of option C is a brand that once launched the genuine kraft paper bag.

This kraft paper bag is Vasari bag from Jil sander men's fall and winter 2012 collection.

The whole kraft paper bag continues Jil Sander's consistent simple lines and minimalism style, with only the side golden suture and two ventilation holes, and the brand name is simply printed on the bottom of the bag.

This bag is made of 100% genuine copper plate paper and is not waterproof. It costs nearly 2000 soft coins, but it was snapped up after being put on the shelves. It can be called the most expensive and valuable kraft paper bag in history.

After all This kraft paper bag was created by Raf Simons, the designer. It was the curtain call of Jil sander before he became the creative director of Dior in 2012. Of course, the loyal fans have to buy it back to collect!

A. B and D are proper interference options. MOSCHINO, C é line and Simon Miller have all introduced leather bags with the appearance of kraft paper bags, but they look like paper bags

A. Moschino

There's a "green wind" in MOSCHINO's autumn and winter 2017 show. Designer Jeremy Scott plays with the waste of daily life. Kendall and Bella are the opening Maru, and they come out with the waste paper box on their heads.

And this imitation kraft paper bag is hidden in the shape of express boxes and handbags.

MOSCHINO aw17 collection

B. Céline

C é line's soft trio handbag has attracted a lot of attention at the spring and summer show in 2013. It looks like a lunch paper bag on the front.

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