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Determined on the policy of machinery privacy

In order to effectively protect the user's privacy and optimize the user experience, Ruizhi machinery ("Ruizhi" or "we") formulates the privacy policy of Ruizhi machinery in accordance with the current laws and policies. We are determined to understand the importance of personal information to our customers, and strive to make clear our policies and measures for obtaining, managing and protecting personal information of users.

This privacy policy is applicable to the devices, websites or applications (collectively referred to as our "services") related to sharp machinery that reference or link to this privacy policy, including but not limited to the official website of sharp (Domain Name: . CN), the Internet of things mechanical equipment and other equipment, websites and clients. Although this privacy policy applies to all of these services, we also have certain explicit privacy supplements for specific services that contain additional information about our information processing practices. You must comply with these supplementary terms when using the relevant services. When we conduct other data collection and processing activities, we will get your consent separately.

We are determined to know the importance of personal information to you, and will do our best to protect the security and reliability of your personal information. We are committed to maintaining your trust in US and protecting your personal information in accordance with the following principles: the principle of consistent rights and responsibilities, the principle of clear purpose, the principle of choice and consent, the principle of minimum sufficiency, the principle of ensuring security, the principle of subject participation, the principle of openness and transparency, etc. At the same time, we are committed to take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information according to the mature security standards in the industry.

Please read this privacy policy carefully, especially the terms of Exemption / limitation of liability (marked with bold underline), because as long as you use our services, you agree to the practices described in the privacy policy and supplementary provisions. If you do not agree with the practices described in this privacy policy, please do not use our services.

1、 What information we will collect (whether personal or not)

In order to provide you with our services, we will ask you to provide the personal information necessary to provide you with the services. If you do not provide personal information, we may not be able to provide you with our products or services. "Personal information" refers to all kinds of information recorded by electronic or other means that can identify a specific natural person or reflect the activities of a specific natural person individually or in combination with other information.

1. Information you provide directly: some services require you to provide us with information directly, such as member registration, purchase, delivery and installation services.

(1) Member registration: the information you fill in and / or submit when you register as a member of Ruizhi and when you use the relevant services provided by Ruizhi, including your name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, email address, nickname and other relevant additional information (such as your province and city, postal code, etc.).

(2) Purchase, delivery and installation services: we may ask for your name, contact information, shipping address and billing address as well as credit card information to process your order.

When you use some services, you may also need to provide us with other information, such as the number of families, food preferences, etc. If personal sensitive information is involved, such as providing voice print, fingerprint, facial recognition features, health and physiological information, we will have special tips before collection, and provide alternative options when feasible (for example, if you refuse to use facial recognition function to identify you, we will allow you to choose to use password verification, certificate verification, etc. when feasible Other methods).

Personal sensitive information special reminder: some special personal information may be considered as personal sensitive information, such as your personal identity information, account information, behavior information, biometric information and network identity information, contact information. Before providing such personal sensitive information, you need to take care to ensure accuracy. We are determined to obtain your consent, and you agree that these sensitive personal information will be processed in accordance with the purpose and manner set forth in this privacy policy. If you do not provide these information or the information provided is wrong, it may cause us to be unable to provide the service or affect the accuracy of our services.

2. Information from the device: we may also collect information about your use of our services, such as device information, log information, location information, etc. through the software in your device and other ways.

(1) Device information: when you visit the web page and use the service, sharp may read information related to your mobile device, including but not limited to the mechanical model, IP address, operating system version, and settings of the device used to access the service.

(2) Log information: the information on your browser and computer that is automatically received and recorded by Ruizhi when you use Ruizhi service or visit Ruizhi website, including but not limited to (1) your IP address, browser type, language used, access date and time, software and hardware feature information, web page records required by you, etc.

(3)  Location information (only applicable to specific services / functions): when you download or use sharpness data or visit web pages, and use some sharpness services, sharpness may read various information related to your location, such as GPS signal of the device or relevant information of nearby WiFi access points and cell phone signal towers, country code, city code, mobile network code, cell ID , latitude and longitude information and language settings, which may be sent to us when you use some services.

3. Third party source information: we may obtain your information from third party partners, such as our distributors, the third party social network services you choose to connect, etc.

4. Other information we collect: in addition to the above information, we may also collect other information, such as the questionnaire response information sent to us when you participate in the questionnaire, the user experience program and the relevant information we collect when you interact with us and your determined partners. We will explain the specific collection contents and collection methods to you when collecting, and ask your consent. When we want to use the information collected for a specific purpose for other purposes, we will ask your consent in advance.

Registered user terms of service

Registered user terms of service
1、 Acceptance clause
Welcome to the official website of Ruizhi. This website provides services to you according to the following terms of service. These terms can be updated by this website at any time without notice. Once the terms of service of this website (hereinafter referred to as "the terms of service") are changed, the website will publish the modified content on the webpage. Once the revised terms of service are published on the web page, it will effectively replace the original terms of service. You may visit this website at any time to check the latest version of the terms of service. In addition, when you use the special services of the website, you and the website shall abide by the guidelines and rules related to the services published by the website from time to time. All of the above guidelines and rules form part of the terms of service. When using the relevant services, you should pay attention to and abide by the applicable relevant terms.

You should read the terms of service carefully before using the services provided by this website. If you do not agree with the terms of service and any modification to it at any time, you can cancel the service provided by this website on your own initiative; once you use the service of this website, you will be deemed to have understood and fully agreed to the contents of the terms of service, including any modification made by this website to the terms of service at any time, and become a user of this website (hereinafter referred to as "user").

2、 Service description
Through its product portfolio, the website provides users with access to rich online resources (hereinafter referred to as "the service"). Unless otherwise expressly stated in the terms of service, any new features of the service, including the new products launched, are regulated by the terms of service. You understand and agree that the service is only provided according to the current situation, and we will not be responsible for any time limit, deletion, delivery error, failure to save or any other problems of user communication or personalization. This website reserves the right to suspend any part of the service for maintenance, upgrade or other purposes without prior notice. In order to use this service, you must be able to access the Internet by yourself through a third party who is legally qualified to provide you with internet access services, and pay for the relevant service fees by yourself. In addition, you must provide and be responsible for all necessary equipment for connecting to the Internet, including computers, data machines or other access devices.

3、 Compliance with the law
You agree to abide by the contract law of the people's Republic of China, the copyright law of the people's Republic of China and its implementing regulations, the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on maintaining Internet Security (the "decision of the people's Congress on security"), the law of the people's Republic of China on safeguarding state secrets, the Telecommunications Regulations of the people's Republic of China (the "Telecommunications Regulations")《 Regulations of the people's Republic of China on the security protection of computer information system, interim provisions of the people's Republic of China on the administration of computer information network international networking and its implementation measures, provisions on the administration of confidentiality of computer information system international networking, measures on the administration of Internet information services, measures on the administration of security protection of computer information network international networking, and Internet electricity Any and all provisions of the relevant Chinese laws and regulations such as the regulations on the administration of sub announcement services ("Regulations on electronic announcement"), and shall be fully responsible for any behavior and result of using your password and your account to use the service in any way. If the violation of the safety decision of the people's Congress is likely to constitute a crime, it will be investigated for criminal responsibility. The regulation of electronic announcement has a clear stipulation that Internet users are responsible for the information they publish by using the service system of electronic announcement. The Telecommunications Regulations also emphasize that telecommunication users are responsible for the content and consequences of using telecommunication networks to transmit information. In any case, if the website has reason to believe that any act of you, including but not limited to any speech and other act of you, violates or may violate any provision of the above laws and regulations, the website may terminate the provision of services to you at any time without any prior notice.

4、 Your registration obligations
In order to use the service, you agree to provide your true, correct, up-to-date and complete information (hereinafter referred to as "registration information") according to the prompts of the service registration form, and update the registration information at any time to ensure that it is true, correct, up-to-date and complete. If you provide any wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, or if the website has reason to suspect that the above information is wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading, the website has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and refuse you to use all or any part of the service now or not.

5、 User account, password and security
After completing the registration process of this service, you will get a password and account number. You are fully responsible for all activities using your password and account. In case of unauthorized use of your password or account, or any other security issues, you should notify this website as soon as possible.

6、 Provider's responsibilities
According to relevant laws and regulations, this website hereby solemnly reminds you that any information, data, text, photo, video, information or other data (hereinafter referred to as "content") uploaded, posted, sent by e-mail or transmitted by any other means through this service, whether in public or in private, shall be borne by the content provider. The website is unable to control the content transmitted through the service, so it does not guarantee the correctness, integrity or quality of the content. You have foreseen that when using this service, you may come into contact with unpleasant, inappropriate or offensive content. In any case, this website is not responsible for any content, including but not limited to any error or omission of any content, and any loss or damage derived from posting, sending email or other means of delivering any content through this service. However, this website has the right to stop transmitting any of the above contents and take corresponding actions, including but not limited to suspending all or part of users' use of this service, keeping relevant records and reporting to relevant authorities.

If you find any violation of the terms of service, please inform the relevant departments of the company. Report Mailbox

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